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domingo, 21 de junho de 2009

My first (edited) video and the Hooman Groovyness

Hello, gorgeous pups and everyhooman! :)

So, Carla finally decided to try and edit a video! WOW! Isn't she outrageously brave???? That's what I call having no fear of life! Editing a video!! She's my heroine. :)

Of couurse she's still learning and she wasn't able to put music in the video. And she is still learning to cut excessively long scenes... oh, well, please understand. :)

Hope you enjoy it!

16 comentários:

Polli Peste disse...

Pipa, o Indi diz que se apaixonou ainda mais por ti assim que viu o "nosing the ball"...absolutamente delicioso! E a Carla revelou, com esta produção, um grande jeito para editar home videos!!


Thor disse...

I enjoyed watching your video so much, Pipa! You are so cute!
Is that red ball your favorite?


Lorenza disse...

Hi, Pipa!
Good job, Carla!
I loved the video. Your frog legs are so cute!
I hope you had a pawesome weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Augie and Ti's mom disse...

Wow, you did a great job on the editing! That was really your first attempt? My first movies were pathetic! LOL (And I still have lots of room for improvement!) Pipa is such a cutie--it was great seeing her in action :)

Elizabeth and Luna disse...

Good job, I have not even attempted that yet!! Pipa, you are too cute playing with your ball.

Sara Alves disse...

aii... isto é felicidade canina! :D
qual o programa que utilizaste para fazer o video?
lambidelas do puzoca

Paco....Milo and mom..Simona disse...

Your video is GREAT!!!!
Well done Carla!!!!!!
We enjoyed watching your video soooooooooooooo much baby!!!!
You look so happy with this great red ball in your mouth!!!!
can we paly with you next time????
and we love your frog position when you lay on the floor!!!!'re soo funny!!!!
And you move your head like Milo when you have the ball close in your mouth!!!!
Waawaaaaaa...are you twins????
thanks for sharing with us!!!!!
We love you a lot and we're lucky to have you in our life!!!
Sweet kisses and licks and take care!!!!

Honey the Great Dane disse...

Hey, Pipa - that was a great video! Tell Carla she did a great job!! :-)

(by the way, what software is she using? Coz my human says she uses Windows Movie Maker, which comes free if you have Windows, and it's VERY easy and self-explanatory to use - and you can do all sorts of cool stuff, like make it slow motion or make a dark movie brighter or choose different transitions - and of course, add music. It's also really easy to chop up and edit long sequences...anyway, if your human has Windows, she may like to check it out!)

I love your "frog legs" by the way - I could never do that! And the bit where you're chewing on the ball, it sounds like it is gasping and crying for help! Hee! hee! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Kimba disse...

Oba! Muito bem! Que lindo te ver em movimento, Pipa! Parabéns pelo seu primeiro vídeo.

GoldenSamantha disse...

Great job! I'm new here at your blog - what a terrific job you did with a first video!
Love xo

Farley disse...

Oh Pipa, so cute!

Sam disse...

Very cute! Love the frog legs!


Honey the Great Dane disse...

Hi Pipa,

Just wanted to let you know that I have made that Introduction to Clicker Training movie which you said you'd be interested in - come over to my blog to check it out!

Honey the Great Dane

Homer disse...

Oh my dog Pipa... how are you? Did you miss me? I miss you! I hope you didn't managed to find another boyfriend during my absence? Anyway, we were watching your squeaking video.You seem to be enjoyinh yourself!

Anywa, I need to go catch up the rest of your blog. I know it's been a while but I'm going to finish yours by tonight and tomorrow will be someone else.

Take care and sweet dreams!


Sofia disse...

Isso é que é uma bola preferida :) Muitos parabéns à realizadora.

Beijinhos :)

Dino and Family disse...

Hey! That's a great first video! Nice seeing you in action! Love, Dino