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sábado, 28 de março de 2009

Reflections (while playing with my new favourite toy)

I've been thinking (once in a while I do it)...
How do you pronounce my name, my furry pup-friends from all around the world?
Is it Peeeepa? Or is it Pypa? :)
Here in Portugal they call me Peeeeepa.

Now, about boyfriends. I'm so confused. I like Homer so much. I like Paco and Milo so much. I like Cody-Codex so much. I can't choose. I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!
PS: Thank you Homer, for the english correction... you are not only handsome like a star, you're inteligent as well... *Pipa thinking again*



*not thinking at all*

segunda-feira, 23 de março de 2009

Golden Sunday

I had a Golden Sunday.
At the second edition of the "Golden Gang meeting" (Byte's hooman named us the Golden Gang), my hoomans managed to go (my hoomans and their busy schedule... bah!... I told them that they only had to give me some money and I would go to our first meeting by bus or something... they refused... what a lack of confidence on me!).
Timon, Pu, Byte, Vicky and Indi, everybody was there... Our hoomans had lots of fun and us doggies... well, it was pretty much paradise for us!
Check out the photos! You can go and take a peek at the videos at Byte's blog!

Lot's of Goldens... I don't know who's who!

Timon leading the gang

Bootiful Vicky (6 month old, she's sooo sweet) and her brother Indi

Here's Vicky again

Look at PU, hidding in the water! He is always striking a pose, like a model!

Timon and Pipa

Nop. Taking a group photo ain't easy. No sir.

No, sir. Ain't easy at all.

Finally, our hoomans managed to put us all together, standing still.
What's with all the SIT, STAY and STILL?
I'll never understand why don't they just ASK us to do it! :)

From the left to the right, Pu, Pipa, Vicky, Indi, Byte and Timon.

This was a pawsome Sunday.

domingo, 22 de março de 2009


That's it.
These hoomans of mine are crazy, every-Pup!
I'll grab my stuff tonight and I'm going to live at the beach.
PS: I'll be posting soon about my Sunday adventure ... :)

quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009


Well, no more Saturdays around here, furry pups.
From today on I decided that instead of Saturdays me and my groovy hoomans are having... PIPAturdays. Yep! Know why? 'Cause Saturdays are basically all mine. All day long, me and my hoomans, hanging out, doing stuff, digging holes in the beach, going to school.
And today was one more of those happy full days!

In the morning we got up early (I mean, I woke them up early) and we head our wheels and paws to the beach. This was a new beach for me and I just LOVED it. What a wonderful place! It is called Portinho da Arrabida and my hoomans say it's one of the most beautiful places in the world (why do humans say things like that? Do they know all the places in the world?? They don't, right??? Gee.) Once I got there, I knew it was the time for me to start my treasure quest. I KNOW someday I'll find something really precious. As for today, I found a pretty rock.

My hoomans had lunch at the beach (it seamed like a juicy piece of meat, but of course I wasn't allowed to try it... how unfair is this??? I wake them up, I take them to the beach, I play with them there, I wait for them at the restaurant and what do I get?!??! Nothing. Nickles. Evil hoomans.)

Well, then we went to school. It was John's first time with me there, 'cause usually Carla attends class with me and John takes the pictures. :)
It's such a fun place. Well... I mean... sometimes it gets a bit hard for me... we have to sit, stay, sit again, heel, jump over things, turn around and then everything all over again, and more... I don't even have the time to take notes or anything... I do love the treats but it comes a time during class that I just lay down, turn my belly up and start my Pipa-strike. Yep. I do nothing at all. No sir. I just stay there, watching Carla or John getting really ashamed of what I'm doing in the middle of the class. BOL. I even think that's one of my favourite moments. :)

My (groovy) hoomans bought me bought me a bootiful toy there at the school store. It's really funny, it has lots of holes and it can be filled with treats and other toys. I hope my hoomans do that often, specially 'cause of the treats part.

Finally, I need to share something with you. Just when my hoomans thought that my artistic vein was over... I came up with this authentic masterpiece in one of the hallway walls. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? Notice the deepness of this magnificient piece of art.

My piece of modern art is so amazingly good that my hoomans turned green with my talent. They even had difficulties in speaking for a while. I guess that's because I'm really good.

quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

Antonio, my favourite human!

Today I come here to talk to you about my super-duper-best-friend, my passion, the man who makes me completely forget my hooomans. His name is Antonio and he is Carla's father.
He is absolutely patient with me, he plays with me, he gives me all kinds of food (when Carla's not looking, of course, I sure hope she doesn't read this), he pets me, he's always talking to me... ever since I was a little crazy pup that I just adore Antonio.
So, here's what I feel...

António, eu adoro-te, és o meu humano preferido!
Antonio, I love you, your are my favourite human!

Here are some photos of us at the beach last weekend, playing catch.