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domingo, 7 de junho de 2009

Honey's blog and some videos

ALOHA, super-duper-furry-and-not-so-furry-friends!
First of all, you all HAVE to go to Honey's blog! Hsin-Yi, her hooman, is posting some amazing advices for all the doggie owners! She's been helping Carla and John with... mm... cof cof... some of my... let's say... cof... less appropriate canine performances... cof cof....:) Thank you, Hsin-Yi! :)

Here are two little videos of the groovy me.

In the first one, I'm happy 'cause my hoomans are coming from their sports session, this Sunday. I always greet them with something in my mouth (hey, I'm a retriever) and moaning!

In the second one, filmed about 2 month ago, Carla's trying to irritate me while I'm trying to hunt a sock (socks always try to run away... BOL). If you look closely, you can still see the bootiful hole I made in the corner of the wall... now, my hoomans have a brand new and painted wall... humpf!

17 comentários:

Paco....Milo and mom..Simona disse...

Awwwwwwww sweet Pipa!!!!!
here are Paco & Milo and your Auntie Simo!!!!!
we missed you a lot!And your mommy too!!!!!!!!!!
What a wonderful video!!!
we love watching you really and not only in photo!!!!!
Pipa...are you and your family ok???
we're very happy each time we read about you and your adventures!!!
thanks for sharing with us and........Congrats for your whole in the wall!!!!
Sweet kisses and licks.....
And mommy said to your mommy she hopes to hear from her soon!!!

Lorenza disse...

Hi, Pipa!
I am a wild girl and don't do any trick or obey commands! But sure Honey's tips are great!
You give your humans a great welcoming!
Socks are pawesome toys, right?
Thanks for sharing your videos!
Have a great week too!
Kisses and hugs

Honey the Great Dane disse...

Oh my goodness, Pipa - my human and I are blushing! Thank you for mentioning my blog - you are very kind to say those things about us but it is making us feel embarrassed!!

We are also learning all the time and my humans made so many mistakes with me when I was younger, so they like to share things that they learnt, so that other doggies and their humans can hopefully avoid their mistakes! Anyway, I am glad if we can help anyone - and I am sure you are not as bad as Carla says!! :-) In fact, you look so sweet in the videos - I can't believe you would ever do ANYTHING naughty!! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Tee disse...

Hello there Pipa!

That's some very entertaining videos. Thank you for sharing ... as for run away socks, we Dog Woods Pack are banned from the laundry drying area ... yes the socks always do run away ... in our mouths. Heheeee

Licks and Wags

Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack

Elizabeth and Luna disse...

You are so cute!!!!

Allison (Dog Mom) disse...

Heehee. Gus always brings things to us when we get home, too!

Gus and Waldo

Sara Alves disse...

ohhhh linda como sempre! :D
será que todos os goldens são iguais? uh? brincam da mesma maneira?
o puzoca estava aqui a dormir ao meu lado e acordou com o teu barulho... acho que ele tem saudades....

GoldenSamantha disse...

You look like you are trying to kill your sock somewhere in the middle of the movie!!! Don't worry, I do that with my favorite toys! You look so happy with that sock! Yes! I visited Honey's blog and those are great suggestions - she has wonderful advice! Thanks so much! I didn't catch the hole anymore - all fixed!
Hugs and Love xo

Anónimo disse...

It's amazing - I always greet my parents with something in my mouth, too, and I taught Zeke to do it, so he does, too! We'll check out Honey's blog. Have a good week, Pipa!

See ya!

Farley's Mom disse...

Pipa - you are so cute. I like your moans and groans when you carry your toy around.

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) disse...

Sempre na brincadeira! E cada vez mais fofa!

Augie and Ti's mom disse...

Aww Pipa, Ti does the moaning thing too! You are too sweet!

Sam disse...

Hi, Pipa! Sam is very happy to meet you! He will add you to his favorite blog list - or rather, Sam will have his mom do it... She is his secretary, after all!


Thor disse...

Hi Pipa!
You are so cute!
I enjoyed watching your videos!
I love socks!
Hope you´re having a great week!

Thor xxx

Sue disse...

Pipa, you are so sweet!

Life With Dogs disse...

I see you have tasted sheet rock, as Sola likes to do from time to time. Yum!

Anónimo disse...

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