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sábado, 9 de maio de 2009

Artistic Pipa and the painting period

Furry and not so furry friends:
As you all probably noticed, I've been away for some time. Who's fault is that!? No need to ask. This pair of groovy hoomans that I ended up with. They use a really cheap excuse not to blog. They say they have lot's of work and no time to come here and make a new post!!!! How stupid is that?! It makes me so mad, 'cause they know I really need to come here and post my adventures in the blogosphere! I don't care if they have to do that I-don't-really-know-what-it-is-thing-called-work. I tell you, every-pup, work must be a awsome and fun thing to do. That's the only way I can understand why they keep putting blogging in second place!
Well, anyway, I had to get myself occupied, right?!??! Too much time without posting and I get anxious. Yep. So, I decided to start another magnificient design masterpiece!!! This time, right in the MIDDLE of the HALLWAY HALL! Let me tell you, my hoomans don't know how lucky they are! I've managed to dig a purrrfect hole in their hallway hall. Carla almost fainted of emotion and John kept repeating "I don't believe it!". So, you can see how magnificent this masterpiece was!
This is why I don't have a clue why, a few days later, my hoomans started doing some strange things around the house: they call it painting. Lot's of new smells for me, lot's of things to grab, plastic big things on the floor... I actually couldn't believe when I looked at my hallway hole and... it was covered! There was no hole! That's exactly the same than throwing a Picasso in the garbage!!!!! They didn't even gave me time to take a picture of it, for posterity! I'm so hungry that I could eat a wall. Oh, wait, I already did it.