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quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2009

40-things-about-me tag

I was tagged by my dear Simona, Paco and Milo's Mummy!! :)

The rules are: I have to say 40 things about me and include a recent photo... oh My. Is there so much to say? LOL

These things about me are obviously not in order of importance.

Well, here it goes:


I am 32 years old.


I have a Law Master Degree (do we say it like this in english...?) and I'm in the military (Portuguese Navy). My rank is lieutenant, and I'm a Law consultant.


My husband is in the navy too, he's a captain in the portuguese Marine Corps. Here in Portugal it is called Fuzileiros. He is 33 years old. He is the funniest person I know and... I love him deeply (he deals so perfectly with my bad temper... :):):))


My parents are my heroes.


My granny lived with me and my parents since I was 2 years old. She died 2 years and a half ago and it was the most painful moment of my life. I miss her and her tenderness very much, everyday. And I know I will, for the rest of my life. I love you, abuelita!


Pipa's with us since she was 8 weeks old, she's from the north of Portugal (a beautiful town called Felgueiras). We live near Lisbon, in the other side of the Tagus River.


I'm absolutely crazy about swimming and I entered competitions before and during university.
Then, I started running out of time to do it as often as I wanted. Anyway, I try to keep on swimming in a weekly base.


I love sports and I try to workout everyday.


I discovered the doggie blogosphere troughout Dino and then Homer... and then I met Paco and Milo and Spencer and Honey and Cody, Zena and Lady ... and I fell in love with this magic way of knowing other dog owners who love their furry friends as much as we do! It keeps my soul warm coming here and reading all of your stories... it's great.


Pipa is like a therapy to me... she show us an inconditional way of giving and loving and we keep learning with her everyday.

(oh My... 30 things to go...)


I talk and laugh a lot. I'm a bit crazy, actually.


I do love going to work everyday. And because me and John are both in the Navy, we actually enjoy talking about our works, everyday. :)


I love writing and reading. I'm a poetry fanatic and a devoted fan of the power of words (although I've been having some dificulties in writing in english, here... bloging is a good way of training, though!).


I'm absolutely crazy about dolphins and mermaids. I must have been a dolphin or a mermaid in another life :). I swam with dolphins twice: one in Zoomarine, here in Portugal, the other one in XCaret Park, in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I feel a strange tenderness and empathy for them... it's an intense emotion that I can't explain. As for mermaids, I'm always looking for mermaid art in the Web... We bought our house 4 years ago and I still don't have any paintings in my room... and that's because I'm still looking for that beautiful painting with a mermaid! :)


I love dancing. Any kind of music.


I've been to Flamenco classes for a while, and Sevilhanas too. Flamenco culture touches my heart and soul, and I don't miss a Flamenco dance show here in Portugal. My last one was Joaquin Cortez. I listen to Flamenco music almost everyday. My entire family comes from Barrancos, a little town near Andaluzia, that absorbed almost everything from the andaluzian culture and habits.


I have one tattoo.


I believe friends are one of the best things in the world.


I love fight sports and I've been to kickboxing classes too. It's awsome. It's a great way of leaving stress behind!


I love going to the cinema to watch kid's movies... :)... I just crack myself laughing with Shreck, Madagascar and Happy Feet.


I simply a-d-o-r-e kids.


I love the beach. Since I have Pipa, I love it even more.


I listen to any kind of music. I love jazz, blues, hip-hop, R&B, soul, pop and disco music, classic, lounge... of course, flamenco... I'm an easy listener.


I love photografy and I wish I could learn professional photography.


Blue (specially turquoise) and orange are my favourite colours.


I love shopping :). I love clothes but I'm not a fashion victim. Actually, jeans are one of my favourite things.


I love hats...


... and ties! I have 27 ties and I know how to do almost any kind of knots.


I love falling asleep in the couch, during a film. LOL

Don't you just love IKEA? I really like going there. I always end up with lots of thing that I don't need at all... :)


Me and John have a ritual since we met: the sunset. Isn't it a magic part of our days?


I'd love to have more time to blog...


I'm crazy about cheesecake!


Me and John are "LOST" fanatic. We're waiting patiently for the 5th season to come.


I love to drive.


I believe humour and respect is the key to any sucessful personal or professional relationship.


I love to cook. The thing is I'm not a great cooker. LOL


One of my favourite things is singing in the shower.


I love the old movies, with Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lewis (remember?).

I'm really very stuborn... :)

That's it.

Heyyy! Why are you sleeping??? Hellooooooooo!


And now, I'd like to TAG to play this game....


Homer's MUM

Dino's MUM

Joey's MUM

terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009

Spencer in our hearts

Dear Friends:
Our hearts, prayers and thoughts should go to Spencer in this moment.
Please go to his
blog to visit him and his humans.

We're with you, lovely Spencer!

quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

Beach afternoon

Hi furry friends!
My hoomans were at home last week, in a short week vacation.
So, I got to go to one of my favourite places: the beach. This day was the only single day it didn't rain... the weather around here has been really boring, between the rain and some wind. But Wednesday the sun started to take a peek, and so... off we went!
I just love the sand, the water (actually this time it scared me a bit, 'cause the waves were really big!), and of course... running around and digging holes in the sand! What a joy!

Could you please hurry up?? Hum? I'm to anxious to wait!
(What's with these hoomans and this clothes-to-go-out and clothes-to-be-at-home stuff? Having fur is so much inteligent... gee.)


I have to take this somewhere! I have to take this somewhere! I'm late to take this somewhere!

(shaking my ears part I)

Is that a doggie?

I feeel goood! lalalalalalala! So good! So good! lalalalalala

(shaking my ears part II)

Can I move? Did you take the picture? Can I go play?

(shaking my tears part III)

I'm going to try that water...... yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep....

This is what I call a great doggie life!

That's it for today... what a great afternoon!

sábado, 17 de janeiro de 2009


This Saturday I went jogging. Yep. It's like a sports-spa, to me.
I basically go with my hoomans to a nearby sports park, they put me off-leash and I just start frolicking around. I take this training very seriously. Sometimes my hoomans start training too, but they soon give up, 'cause they always have to stop their training and come and catch me, 'cause I always end up in some muddy place... BOL.

At the end of my training-like-a-crazy-dog, I took some time to rest during a quick photo shoot (i'm kind'a famous, in my hoomans perspective).

When I arrived home, another great moment (I usually have two of these a day): my meal. Yummy meat squares, yummy rice with cabbage and carrots, and kibbles. Oh My.

I was so tired after dinner, that I fell asleep over the living room table... what a day!

sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2009

Sad day

Dear Friends,
Our prayers and thoughts should go to Addie and her family in this moment of great loss.
Goodbye, Zoe!

terça-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2009

Daily routines (and the bed destruction story...)

Well, dear friends, here's the usual in my day-to-day routine:

Me after a walk to the park (there's mud all over me, but notice my proud posture).

Me in my normal retrieving-things-everywere-I-go-just-because.

Me mastering that so well known canine activity: the doggie-yoga.

Me sniffing around.

Me submitted to my hoomans tender insanity.... what on earth is this thing in my head??? They must be kidding me.

Me... well... just being me.

Me at the wrong place, at the wrong time, wondering.

Me begging for food (and being rejected... evil hoomans).

Me in my I-can't-stand-no-more-photos state.

Me acting nicely (just pretending).

Me playing tug-and-war (I won).

Me waiting for the OK-word to eat my favourite dessert: banana nhamy nhamy shlép.

Me and Mr. Ball, both almost falling asleep (eheheh)


Remember my new bed, that beautiful one that I posted about few days ago?

Here's what I managed to do in this very creative afternoon. I have to say: I'm an artist.

Of course that my hoomans did not understand the perfection of my masterwork. First, they were furious, now I think they're sad... finnaly, I realized that I became bedless again. Geeee... can i still say "it wasn't me!", like dear Addie? Nope. Too late.

I guess I'll have to apologise... (I wonder where will I sleep tonight... glup).

sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2009

First Class at Doggie School

Well, here's a great way of starting a New Year... at school! :)

Everypup, I had such a greeeat time there. I made so many doggie friends!
This is Atila, an argentine dogo, and Fritz-the-Rottie (one of my best friends, it's Sonia's pup, we're in the same class!).

This is Luna, a lovely great dane (like bootiful Honey)!

This is me, Atila and Luna frolicking around before our class.

After the socialization part, we started the class.

I basically wanted to play with every pup and with every human, it wasn't easy for Carla... but we both loved the class. John had a mission: getting some pics of us. But it wasn't easy either 'cause we were always on the move! I was sooooooo tired at the end... I slept like an angel!

Here are some photos of it.

Me and Carla (notice all the dirt in her trousers... eheheheh... my fault! And notice her silly hat... her fault! BOL... she's crazy about hats... how can they call ME the groovy one around here?!)

And this is me and Miguel, the Master Trainer (he is awsome).
And backthere, we can see Leão, a chow-chow like Chow-Chow :)!

I had a great time! :)