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quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

Beach afternoon

Hi furry friends!
My hoomans were at home last week, in a short week vacation.
So, I got to go to one of my favourite places: the beach. This day was the only single day it didn't rain... the weather around here has been really boring, between the rain and some wind. But Wednesday the sun started to take a peek, and so... off we went!
I just love the sand, the water (actually this time it scared me a bit, 'cause the waves were really big!), and of course... running around and digging holes in the sand! What a joy!

Could you please hurry up?? Hum? I'm to anxious to wait!
(What's with these hoomans and this clothes-to-go-out and clothes-to-be-at-home stuff? Having fur is so much inteligent... gee.)


I have to take this somewhere! I have to take this somewhere! I'm late to take this somewhere!

(shaking my ears part I)

Is that a doggie?

I feeel goood! lalalalalalala! So good! So good! lalalalalala

(shaking my ears part II)

Can I move? Did you take the picture? Can I go play?

(shaking my tears part III)

I'm going to try that water...... yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep....

This is what I call a great doggie life!

That's it for today... what a great afternoon!

13 comentários:

Lorenza disse...

Hi, Pipa!
You had a pawesome day at the beach!
What's up with all those shaking ears??
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Achilles Wong disse...

oh pippa! we love the beach, too! and running.. and swimming.. oh boy, oh boy! we are so envious... *buhuhuhu*.. we hope your pawrents bring you to the beach again very soon..

drooly kisses,


Simona,Paco e Milo disse...

what a wonderful day you had!!!!!!!
we're very very very very happy for you and your humans!!!!
togheter in one marvellous place!!!!!GREATTTT!!!!you are after post you look more and more and more gorgeous!!!!!
We're falling in love with you dear!!!!
hope to come in Portugal we could playing togheter at the beach!!!!!!!!
we love your pictures...and your shaking ears!!!!!!! :-)))))
hope you and your mum and dad going to the beach again very very very soon!!!!
we love you!!!!!!!
Kisses and licks

SGR disse...

Woof! Pipa I am so jealous... beach and swimming.
Woof! Sugar

Joey disse...

Hi Pipa! That looked like SO MUCH FUN to play at the beach! I love that last picture of you - you look so happy!

Your pal,

Homer disse...

Hi Pipa,

The photos of your frolicking at the beach is BOOTI-FUL!!! I wish I was there, I bet we are going to have a lot of fun playing zoomies and make our humans chase us!

You are getting prettier each time I see your photos. I will be dreaming of you tonight.

See you tonight in 'la la land'.


Anónimo disse...

You are a sweet little golden girl aren't you! That face in the frist picture--your pawrents must never get angry with you.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ disse...

That looked like a great day at the beach.

That last shot is beautiful. :-)

Holly & Zac..XX

Chow Chow disse...

Wow....I went to the beach too! It's such a wonderful place to have fun, isn't it? Hope we can get to go to the beach as often as we can!

Sue disse...

Hi Pipa! It looks like you had a wonderful day at the beach! I can't believe how much you remind me of my boy Kona! Both so beautiful!

Have a great day!
Sue, Jack, Jill and Kona

Elizabeth Bergesen disse...

Great pictures! Love the beach!!

Sara Alves disse...

Hi Pipa!
you really are a beautiful dog
I hope we can meet soon :)
you know, I’m also from Almada eheheh

love the beach... to bad it has been raining for weeks...

kisses PU

Dino and Family disse...

You know what, Pipa? I have never been to a beach. :( Those beautiful pics of you running on the sand are making me very jealous. I must make my parents bring me when the weather is good. I just love those flying ears! Hugs, Dino