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sábado, 17 de janeiro de 2009


This Saturday I went jogging. Yep. It's like a sports-spa, to me.
I basically go with my hoomans to a nearby sports park, they put me off-leash and I just start frolicking around. I take this training very seriously. Sometimes my hoomans start training too, but they soon give up, 'cause they always have to stop their training and come and catch me, 'cause I always end up in some muddy place... BOL.

At the end of my training-like-a-crazy-dog, I took some time to rest during a quick photo shoot (i'm kind'a famous, in my hoomans perspective).

When I arrived home, another great moment (I usually have two of these a day): my meal. Yummy meat squares, yummy rice with cabbage and carrots, and kibbles. Oh My.

I was so tired after dinner, that I fell asleep over the living room table... what a day!

12 comentários:

Lorenza disse...

Hi, Pippa!
You had a pawesome day!
I love seeing all your pictures!
And your meal looks delicious!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Anónimo disse...

You are such a little sweetheart. Use a pillow.

SGR disse...

Woof! Hey there ... jogging is a great pawexercise.
Woof! Sugar

Tucker, Daisy and Leo disse...

Hi Pipa

I love to jog too. Your dinner looked yummy.


Southbay Girl disse...

Hi Pipa...It looks like you had a fun day running and then eating!! You dinner looked so yummy!!!


Chow Chow disse...

I would love to have a day like yours, Pipa!

Simona,Paco e Milo disse...

you're soooooooooo cute seeping on the table!!!!
you've had a great day at the park with your wonderful humans!!!!!!!
and what a beautiful girl you're....every day more and more!!!!we love you so much....and want to know you asap!!!!!!
can you make us holiday in Portugal with Pipa???????
and your meal...........MMMMMMMMMM.....looks delicius!!!!!!!!!!
you're lucky baby!!!!!!
Lots of love and kisses....
your new photo at the top of blog is very very very very beautiful!!!!

Anónimo disse...

Hi Pipa! That sure looked like fun to run and run! And your dinner looked awfully yummy - wow! But my favorite picture is the one of you sleeping with your head on the table - too cute! You're such a sweetie, Pipa - it always comes through in your pictures.


Homer disse...

Hi Pipa,

I love the last photo of you sleeping on the table. You look soooo cute!

Do you always run away from your humans? I do it all the time and trust me, it's fun! When they've finally caught up with me, you should see the expression on their face - it's priceless!


Allison (Dog Mom) disse...

This looks like soo much fun! Can we come and run with you?

Gus and Waldo

Dino and Family disse...

Oh Pipa! It is always a joy to look at you! You always make me smile! You are gorgeous too! Love, Dino

Achilles Wong disse...

hey there Pipa!

we totally envy your jogging field. everything looks so green and roomy. i hope i can go to the park soon too or perhaps, just even the beach(!).

as we always say, I tired dog is a good dog. hope you had a very nice dream.

drooly kisses,