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quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2009

Tagging games and hooman grooviness

Aloha, furry-and-not-so-furry-friends!
Wow, I have to catch up! Let's see...
I've been tagged to the same game by boootiful Honey and by (my) Hero :). Well, the rules are a bit different, but the main ones are:
- Open the folder that contains Pet photos or the 6th photo of the 6th folder
- Select any photo in that folder that you haven’t posted previously or pick the 6th of the 6th :)
- Post that photo along with the story behind it on your blog.
- Then, tag 5 friends.
Well, I chose the 6th of the 6th, 'cause I don't exactly have a Pet Photos folder... Actually, our computers in the house are completely full of Pipa's photos... BOL.
Here it goes:

The story of this picture? It's just me being happy at the beach. Water, a ball to retrieve, what can I say... this was taken last winter, I posted a few pictures about it. :)

I've been away for a while, I lost myself a bit with the tagging games and with who-played-what, so.... I'm tagging everyone who never played this funny game before and wants to do it!

And I'm doing the same with my next game! Thanks to Michelle and Titus, her bootiful current foster, at Dog By Nature for giving us the Honest Scrap award! The instructions are to link back to the person who gave us this award, share 10 things about myself that are true, and pass it along to 10 more bloggers. So, if anyone want to play this game, consider yourselves tagged! :)

5 things about me:
- EVERY SINGLE TIME my hoomans (or any visit) arrive at the house, I have this funny ritual, like I said above: I start waging my tail, I grab something in my mouth and I start making funny noises, moaning of joy! It's really funny.
- I simply love the water, I'm the true beach babe. I even jump over the waves to get in! :)
- If I want to chew something, I have to do it OVER my hoomans feet.
- I get crazy around other dogs, 'cause I'm always in the mood to play, but around kids and babies I sit really still and I just love when they pet me.
- This one is very unusual: sometimes, in my last walk of the day, if I'm sleepy when my hoomans grab the harness and leash... I just lay down on the ground and don't move an inch. So, there they are, door open to go out, "C'mon Pipa, let's go, let's go for a walk, c'mon", and there I am, head down on the floor, pretending I'm not listening at all... :)

5 things about Carla
- She loves to swim.
- She loves to talk (sometimes, I even fall asleep).
- She loves babies.
- Sometimes she falls asleep petting me.
- She ALWAYS sings in the shower, it's irritating. So sometimes she sings and I moan. BOL


Now, another HGP (Hoomans Grooviness Proof). It's against Carla, as usual, and her annoying habit of taking pictures of me all the time.

When she gave me this green toy (she's always buying me toYs) - it's a retrieving toy for the beach - the first thing I did was snif it a bit. Then, I started my "new toy/sock/thing to grab" routine: waging my tail, making funny noises and walking aroun my hoomans. And then, 3 minutes later or so (not more) I just laid down with my new toy like this, preparing myself for a nap. I just don't understand what's so special about my sleeping positions.

15 comentários:

caboval disse...

Hi Pipa! We love your new toy!!! Hugs JOey and Kealani

Sara Alves disse...

só tenho uma coisa a dizer!!!!!
eu conheço essa bola!!! aiiii conheço conheço!!!
era a minha bola favorita... até ao dia em que um labrador destravado a furou... bah...
pipuxa! adoro a tua posição da soneca! super fofa! :D
mtas lambidelas do puzoca doido!

Farley's Mom disse...

Pipa, we enjoyed this post very much! It was great to learn more about your family :) I have to agree with Carla, I really like your sleeping positions too!

Lorenza disse...

Hi, Pipa!
I know you are a happy girl!
Your ritual with new toys is very interesting and I love your sleeping position!
Thanks for sharing all those things about you and Carla!
Kisses and hugs

Scout 'n Freyja disse...

That was such a special blog post. We learned so much about you and think that you are such a wonderful doggy! Scout does the same thing when we have friends come to visit. He grabs a toy, starts to wriggle and then moans☺

Dog By Nature disse...

Hi Pipa, Thanks for playing! Spencer used to do the same as you with tennis balls in your first list. You sleep like a frog very cute!

belly rubs,


Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona disse...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Dear Pipa (my sweet niece!!!!)
We missed you a lot!!!!
Carla....have you seen that mommy have saved for her Pakina???
Is in your honor.....and she was the most beautiful girl of the litter (Carla is sooooooooooooo beautiful like her!!!) is Maya Pakina in our home!!!
This post is Great!!!!
Lots of things....and we know to read more secrets of you and your mommy!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!!
And we agree with your mommy!!!!
Maya are sleeping in the same position!!!
Hope to meet you soon!!!!
WE love you a lot!!!
ANd special baby licks from Maya Pakina

Augie and Ti's mom disse...

Ti does the same thing with visitors, or his people! When someone comes back home (or over), he HAS to run and grab something and then moans and roo-roos. It's too cute!

Honey the Great Dane disse...

Oh my God, Pipa - I do exactly the same as you when my humans - or any guests - come home! I always have to grab a toy and then prance around, making snorting noises...I get really distressed if I can't grab something and will start to try grabbing anything, such as a shoe - so my humans make sure that there is always a stuffed toy near the door for me! :-)

I am also very lazy when my humans tell me it's walk time (although in my case, it's my FIRST & ONLY walk of the day) - I know dogs who get so excited, their humans have to spell W-A-L-K but in my case, my humans have to practically drag me out the door!

Your sleeping position is so cute - I don't know how you can do it, though - it doesn't look very comfy!!

Honey the Great Dane

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ disse...

Hi Pipa,

We love your photo's with your new toy and enjoyed reading your lists.

Have a great weekend.

Holly & Zac...XX

Miley disse...

Hi Pipa, you are the sweetest thing!! Love your new and I'm looking forward to following you on all your adventures!!!

lotsa licks,

Homer disse...

Hey my booti-ful Pipa,

How are you doing? Just want to let you know you are always in my heart. As for the female doggies that you've seen in my photos...well, what can I say. I'm a handsome boy and girls are always attracted to me like bees are attracted to honey.


Dino and Family disse...

Oh Pipa, I have missed you! So sorry I was not able to visit earlier. Thank you so much for your nice message for my family and joining us in the joy of Baby Ashley's arrival. Mom is going to send email Carla some baby- making tips. ;)Nice reading about you and Carla and we always love pics of you! We can never have enough! Bring them on!!! Love, Dino

Hero disse...

You look like a frog in those last pictures! Very cute! I have a green ring toy that I like to use for retrieving in the water too. Ring toys are my favorite, because they're easy to hold onto.

Thanks for playing the photo tag game. I love girls who have a natural love for the water.

Amber-Mae disse...

Love that picture of you on the beach! The water looks sooo clean & clear unlike the one we just went to but we still had a blast. That sleeping position is so funny. Is it comfortable? BOL!

The Solid Gold Dancer is BACK home!