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quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009

My III Golden Sunday

My dear friends... here am I! Late and sorry for not been following your adventures as I'd like to! My hoomans keep working a lot but they manage to go with me to the beach at the end of the day! So, here are some photos of one of those lovely sunsets: the one I went to my III Golden Sunday, with my beaaaauuuuuutiful friens Pu and Timon! . :)

I'll be posting on your blogs during this week, ok? I'm anxious to keep up with all your adventures.

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Tucker, Daisy and Leo disse...

Looks like a great time, Pipa. Can we come and play too? Daisy loves to swim. (but not to have a bath)

Tucker and Daisy

Dino and Family disse...

Hi Pipa, glad to hear that your humans are fine and just busy. Great that they managed to find time to bring you to the beach and you had fun with your friends. Have a great weekend! Love, Dino

Kimba disse...

Hi, Pipa! Glad your hoomans find time to take you to that beautiful beach. Beautiful pics!
Love, Kimba

Thor disse...

I´m so glad to hear from you, Pipa!
Looks like you had lots of fun playing with your family and friends at the beach!
Hope you´re having a grrreat weekend!
I missed you too!

Lorenza disse...

Hi, Pipa!
Don't worry if you can't blog much! We understand sometimes it is not possible.
But I am happy to know you have been enjoying the beach with your friends!
Kisses and hugs

Scout 'n Freyja disse...

It is important for the humans to work so that they can buy us our kibble and treats. But, we know it can be sad when they are gone all of the time...sigh.

Come on over today and help us get the word out to the Eagles about Mr. Vick! We has a furry im-paw-tant bloggy post taday!

Sara Alves disse...

Pipa! :)
que saudades que tinha de correr e apanhar bolas convosco!

fiquei estoirado no domingo... temos de repetir mais vezes!

mtas lambidelas

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ disse...

Those are lovely shots Pipa, it looks such fun. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

Augie and Ti's mom disse...

What a fun day at the beach!

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona disse...

What a great day you had withyour goldie friends!!!!
we're soooooooooooo jealous!!!!
Can we come with you next time????
We would love swimming with you!!!
And having fun with John and Carla!!!!
We miss you sooooooooooooo much and hope to hear from you soon!!!!
Don't forget usssssssssss!!
Sigh sigh!!!!
Mommy send to you tons of special cuddles...she feels a lot the absence of her special niece!!!!
And we love you a lot!!!!!!!
Sweet kisses and licks!!!!

Farley disse...

That looks like heaven! We're glad you had such a beautiful day at the beach :)

Charlie disse...

Playing with me first, blogging second -- that's what I always say.
- Charlie

Dog By Nature disse...

So GReat to see Goldens in water, it's like poetry. Nice beach too!

Sam disse...

Oh, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful spot to go! I wish I could bring Sam with!


Honey the Great Dane disse...

Hi Pipa - great to see your photos! Sorry I have not been visiting much lately - my human has been busy too so she sympathises with your humans!! :-) But it is good that you still have time to go and enjoy the beach together.

Hey - guess what? I am learning a new trick! Ludo the Sheltie asked us to learn a "helpful trick" as part of our Tricky T-Day assignment this I'm learning to help Hsin-Yi draw the curtains (well, my humans say it's actually "slobbering on the curtains" but I beg to differ!!! :-) )

Hope to see you soon!

Honey the Great Dane

Chow Chow disse...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of you and your friends at the beach!

Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga disse...

Hello from Belgium
Louisetet +2 golden


Sara Alves disse...

Alo Pipa! :D
o parque fica na zona do... deixa ver... castelo de almada? mas mais para baixo, onde fica o elevador!
é mto porreiro!
o parque é pequeno, mas decobrimos essa mini praia, que está resgardada das correntes :D
quando quiseres combinamos e vamos lá os 2!

Miley disse...

Wow, looks like you had a pawsome time at the beach! What beautiful pictures!!! Thx for sharing!!

lotsa licks,

Homer disse...

Pipa! How are you my gorgeous? Did you have a wonderul time at the beach with your friends?

I miss you!!!


Sierra Rose disse...

Yeah!!! A really fun time at the beach. I would LOVE that!!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Polli Peste disse...

Que belo passeio...sei de 2 criaturas que estão ansiosas por rever o grupinho de amigos! A Vicky porque quer experimentar as pernas novas e o Indi porque tem receio que a chama entre ele e a Pipa desvaneça...

Beijinho grande de saudade*

Life With Dogs disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Augie and Ti's mom disse...

Where have you been, Pipa? We miss you!

SGR disse...

Woof! I am so jealous of your pawseome beach/swim adventure. LOVE the photos. It's my 1st year blog anniversary and just want to thank you for your friendship. Lots of Golden Thanks. Woof! Sugar

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV disse...

How HAPPY, HAPPY, SLAPPY-HAPPY THEY ALL LOOK! Wahooo!!! So glad you got to go to the beach.

I know how it is when you have to work a lot and your poor doggies are home waiting and waiting for you!!!

Life With Dogs disse...

Great pics - and it's nice to have you back! Remember, that human work stuff leads to more food! ;)

Anónimo disse...

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