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sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2009

The Birthday Situation

Well, this is a very frantic week!

(so frantic that Carla, that silly-groovy-hooman published this post... with no photos! I forgive her 'cause she gives me such yummy stuff...).
First of all, it was Antonio's Birthday (my favourite hooman) the 1st of April.
I went to his house to give him a huge lick and, of course, play with him. Sorry for the bad quality of these photos, but my groovy hoomans took them with their mobiles...

Do I REAALLY need to wish him a Happy Birthday with this cake on my head? Do I REALLY?

Wait, wait... I can't see... who's there??
Ok, I'm back again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTONIO!
One of the strawberrys is fallin'.
Just warning.
According to one of my famous (not) theories, everything is eatable.
Let me see, then...



Tomorrow, the 4th of April, it'll be my 1st Barkday.

My groovy hoomans are going to take him to school. I tried to convince them to miss school 'cause of my birthday and all, but they are so stubborn... gosh! I barked "hey, let's miss school and chew some walls and furniture, c'mon!"... They just stood there, looking at me, with those hooman eyes... bahhh!. Cowards.
So, it seems that tomorrow we're going to the beach and to school, too. And Sunday, the Golden Gang is going to meet again, 'cause PU had this pawsome idea of going out for a picnic to celebrate my Barkday and the day that Byte came home! That's going to be a huge party!
I'll be posting photos.

PS: I'm still thinking about that love-issue I posted about.
Here's the present situation:

- I've decided not to be confused about Cody-Codex. He's bootiful Chloe's boyfriend! So, we will be good friends.
- I forgot my lovely-handsome-Dr-Dino!!!! What was I thinking?? (I mean, was I REALLY thinking!?).
- So, now, I need to decide between:

Now, I just need to find out how to put one of those statistics-votation-templates,or whatever that is, here in my blog, so that you all can vote for one of them! :) (or maybe I'll do like PU, Mason Dixie and Lorenza advised me and just start a contest... what do you think?).

12 comentários:

Sara Alves disse...

Parabéns ao avô tó!!! :)
vai ser tão fixe no domingo!! estou mortinho =)

Desejo-te um excelente aniversário, no sítio mais maravilhoso do mundo - PRAIA!

Lambidelas fofinhas do Puzoca!

Sara Alves disse...

And Pipa... come on!?!? Voting for your boyfriend!??!!? That´s not the way to do it!
You must start a contest and see which one deserves you better.
they have to prove their love to you... sending you gifts... postcards... love letters...
Then you can chose the best!

Think about it :)
Licks Pu

Polli Peste disse...

Parabéns ao Avô querido!!

Bem Pips estou a ver que não me enganei: és mesmo popular, que semana mega atarefada, tantas festas, tantos flashes!!!
Estamos a torcer para que amanha te divirtas como se fossem todos os dias deste ano que passou concentrados num só!!!!

Beijinhos grandes da Polli, Vicky e do maior fan, INDI

Joey disse...

Hi Pipa! Happy Birthday to Antonio and to you! One year old - you're growing up! Guess what? I just gave you some awards.

See ya!

Anita disse...

PARABÉNS! Agora já és a Sra Pipa!

Chase disse...

Pipa, I love the little yellow doggie dancing across your bloggie. :-) Happy early barkday!!

Sniffs and licks,


Mason Dixie disse...

Happy Birthday, and I agree that you should have them bide for your love not for us to vote for who you win, it's them how would be winning. =)

Lorenza disse...

Hi, Pipa!
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a pawesome day celebrating your special day!
I agree too. They must conquer you!
Now, they know who they are. Lets see who is the one who is going to gain your heart!
Kisses and hugs

Thor disse...

Feliz Aniversário Pipa!


Allison (Dog Mom) disse...

Happy barkday, Pipa!! Can you send us your mailing address? We would like to send you something for your special day (though it will be late)!

Gus and Waldo
allisonwalton79 at gmail dot com

Sara Alves disse...

isto com fotos já é outra conversa! :)
o chapéu é D+! onde arranjaste?
ela está super cómica!

Dino and Family disse...

Happy Birthday Antonio!
Oh gosh! I now see that the competition for your heart is really stiff. It's going to be a difficult decision. May the best man win! Love, Dino