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segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009

Beach maniac - The Proofs

I'm addicted, Every-Pup-Outhere.
The beach is my thing.
Here's all the proofs you need of this emotional fact, plus all the explanation to my motivation.

1. Once I get there, I get faster than Lucky Luke, faster than the wind, faster than Carla's slow camera. And it's my job to get in the water, you see. I have to dive, fall down, rise again, shake my ears... it's kind of my beach-job-description. Just don't ask me why, I haven't come up with an intelectual answer yet. :o)

2. I'm needed at the beach. I have to take care of all those surfers who need a, let's say, beach-traffic-coordinator. That's me, Pipa-the-Baywatcher (*Baywatch soundtrack*).

3. I basically need to dig holes (I've already told you about my hope to find a treasure, like a giant bone or a box of white napkins or socks) and I need to scrach my back properly. Everybody knows that the only place in the world where a happy dog can scrach his back is at the beach, 'cause of those... mmm.... medical-psichological-philosophal properties of the fresh sand (cof cof cof).

4. I need to make friends. Lot's of friends.

Do you every-pup understand this addiction? I bet you do. I really bet you do. ;º

17 comentários:

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ disse...

We do understand Pipa...the beach is such fun.

You look like you were having a great time there. Great pic's and fun videos. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

Joey disse...

Hi Pipa the beach maniac! I love to see you having so much fun at the beach! There's nothing like the beach!

See ya!

SGR disse...

Wow! Pipa - I am so jealous. Glad you had a lovely and FUN time at the beach. Woof! Sugar

Lorenza disse...

Hi, Pipa!
Your post made my day!
I know how much you love to be there in the beach!
All the pictures are beautiful and the videos are pawesome!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Sara Alves disse...

Hi Pipa!
I understand perfectly how you feel about the beach! I do too!

It looks like you had so much fun! lol
your videos are to much to handle! you´re one crazy girl lol

Costa da Caparica Rocks!
I´m probably going there sunday afternoon, but we normaly go to the beaches in the other side (s. joão da caparica, praia da costa do cão).

Licks PU

Polli Peste disse...

Olá Pipa!
Gostamos tanto do registo da escrita da dona! São textos tão solarengos e frescos como a praia em que estiveste, Pipa!

Estamos ansiosos por te conhecer (sobretudo a Vicky que se revê em muitas das descrições que a tua dona faz no blog!)

Beijinhos da Polli, Vicky e Indi

Tee disse...

Woooo! You're one Happy PUP! The BEach looks good on you!

Licks and Wags,

TUffy of Dog Woods

Suzuki disse...

Hi Pipa
It's furry nice to meet you. I came across your blog through the Four Musketeers. Stop by my blog sometime, I like to make new friends.
Big licks to you

Elizabeth Bergesen disse...

Wow Pipa, those pictures are so great! I have a beach near us, but it does not look like that!! I wanted to tell you that I hav a new blog url. it's- Please stop by and say hi so I know you got this message and my new url address!!!

McCain ,Boyero Berna disse...

Hi Pipa,
Your blog is so nice !
Beautiful pictures.
kisses and hugs

Chow Chow disse...

Oh yes, I love the beach too! You should be made the star of Baywatch!

Honey the Great Dane disse...

Hi Pipa,

Thank you for all these lovely photos and videos!

I love the beach too! You look like you're having so much fun - wish I could come and run around with you! It looks like a lovely beach - all empty for you to run around in. Is the water cold? I am a wimp and I don't like going in cold water!

Honey the Great Dane

caboval disse...

Hi Pipa! I bet thats what heaven looks like!!! We love you! Hugs JOey and Kealani

Allison (Dog Mom) disse...


We have never been to the beach, but we have been to the pool. And if the beach is better than the pool (which we hear that it is), then we KNOW we would understand!

Gus and Waldo

Simona,Paco e Milo disse...

So finally you have revealed your're the beach maniac!!!
We love your pictures at the beach and look you had a lot of fun!!!!
we want to be with youuuuuuu!!!!!
And your videos are you!!!
OHHHH baby....we miss you a lot!!!
P.S.: Our mom ask to your mom if she has received her mail!!!!
Please...let us know!!!
we love you and hope to meet you and your humans asap!!!!
lots of love and kisses!!

Homer disse...

Hi Pipa,

I haven't been checking all the doggie blogs for a while. Man, I miss you (please don't tell Amy, she doesn't have to know). You look like you are almost fully grown! You enjoy love digging? Me too and sometimes I think I can dig straight to Australia.

Booti-ful photos Pipa, please keep them coming.


Dino and Family disse...

Whoa Pipa! I am so thrilled to see you enjoying the beach! I just love all your photos! I have to make sure my parents bring me when the weather gets warmer! I have never been to one :( Love, Dino