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sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2008

Howloween and a game!

Well, here in Portugal we don't have a Halloween tradition... but here it goes, my first try! Maybe next year I will allow the German-Shepperd (my female human, that's the dog I think she looks like) and the Geat-Dane (that's my male human, he really looks like one) to disguise me... without immediatly destroying the costume... cof cof cof... :)

Happy Howloween, furry friends!

And let's play a game! If your humans were dogs... wich dogs do you think they would be?

4 comentários:

BrandytheGreat disse...

Wow, will try it out soon!

Miguel Ribeiro da Silva disse...

Tá com um certo ar de dona de casa de cadelas...
Ahhhh, já sei. Foi à FIL!!!!

Dino and Family disse...

Haha! Pipa! Nice mask! I hope you had a a nice weekend. I am not really into Halloween too, but I think I will make it a point to dress up next year. It is so wonderful to know that I had a little influence in your blogging. Keep up the great work, I look forward to read about all your adventures! Thanks for asking about Puggy, he is doing very well at Dou Dou's Mom house. Finally, thanks so much for being my friend!
Love, Dino

Thor disse...

Estou contente de ser teu amigo também!