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segunda-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2010


Aloha everyPup and everyHooman! Are you all ok?

Yes, yes, I know, I've been away. Of course it's my hoomans fault, no doubt about it. Given that they're always excusing their absence with that-horrible-thing-called-work, I've decided to put my paws into the matter. The thing is that I realized that it's amazingly hard to use a computer when you have furry paws like I do. Computers are not dog things... plus, I can't catch it with my mouth! What good is a computer if you can't retrieve it?!

Well, anyway, I've been having my fun. We've been having a rough winter around here, so, I got used to sleep with a little doggie blanket. When I was a pup I used to eat them, but now it feels good and confy, so... :)

The weather isn't helping and we've been failing to get The Golden Gang together again.

Somehow, with my cute face - that I've learned to intensify in the weekends - I've been managing to convince my hoomans to take me to the beach. I love to swim and play in the ocean (even in Winter), but I hate the bath part afterwards. I'm so sorry that I don't have any good picture of us at the beach, but here's what my groovy hoomans got before it started to rain (again)...

I have a new friend! His name is Balu and he is a 9 month old black Labrador. I just love to play with him in the garden in front of my house. We look like two retrieving maniacs. Balu is a great jumper! I always end up completely pooped out when I play with him. Here's a photo for you to meet him... it's not a good one. With cute dogs like us, don't you think hoomans around us always should carry magnificent cameras instead of blurry phones?? :)

Well, after all this, I have to ask you everypuppy for some advice.
The thing is that I think my hoomans are going mad! here's the thing: they are convinced that I can't jump to the trunk of one of our cars (the one I usually travel in). They always carried me when I was a pup, so I kinda got used NOT TO jump. So, now it seems like I am incapable of doing it. The car is not that high... They've tried everything: treats, jumping in to see if I follow them, making me leap after running towards the car... nothing seems to work. Well, I'm pretty heavy now and they have to put my front paws first and then pull my back paws in... they're afraid that won't be good for my legs! Any help, people? Any advices?

I'll start posting more often from now on (and with nice pictures)!

PS: I'm so sorry Carla forgot to put my pictures in this post... Is there any obedience school where we can train our hoomans?!

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Homer disse...

Pippa, why is Carla taking such a long time to blog about you? Do you know we miss you so much even though your mom and my mom are connected via Facebook.

I don't see the photo of Balu in your post. Did your mommy forget to attach the photo???


Lorenza disse...

Hi, Pipa!
I am so happy to know you are ok!
You are right. It is not easy to use the computer by ourselves!
Glad you have been enjoying your trips to the beach!
Balu?? I can't see the picture!
But I am sure you have lots of fun playing with him!
I guess I can't give you any advice on the jumping thing. I am too short to do that so I always need help!
I hope some of our friends will give you good ideas!
Kisses and hugs

Sam disse...

We missed you Pipa! Welcome back! The pictures are great! I remember when Sam was younger, he absolutley refused to get into our new truck. We convinced him it was okay by rewarding him with a tennis ball or treat each time. Maybe that would work?


Sara Alves disse...

Alo Pipocas!
o balu é lindo:D adoramos conhece-lo no parque da paz. e os donos tb são 5 *

quanto à história do carro... hum... tentaram com comidinha da BOA??
não estou a falar de biscoitos e maçãs e ração! estou a falar de COMIDA-DA-BOA!
tipo fiambre!! CARNE!!!
bem... se não funcionar com isso não sei mesmo...

Honey the Great Dane disse...

Oh Pipa - it's so good to hear from you! Your humans are terrible never to help you blog - we miss you so much!! Even if she doesn't get photos, can't you just post a little bit about what you're up to?

Anyway, about the car - I did the same thing too when I was young! My humans also always carried me so I learnt to be lazy and wouldn't do it myself. Here is what they did with me - and i hope it works for you - basically, you CAN jump in no problem (look at all the jumping you do when playing!) so they just have to make you really want to do it by yourself. So one way to do this is to feed all your meals in the back of the car for a week! Yup! Your food bowl is a big motivator and if you don't jump in, you miss your dinner (or breakfast). But your humans MUST be strict about this - they can't give in and give you the food bowl if you don't jump in. If you won't after several tries, they should take the bowl away and just wait until the next meal time to try again. It doens't matter if you miss a meal - it won't harm you at all - and it just means that you will be hungrier & keener for your next mealtime and so even more likely to jump in by yourself.

By doing this, it accomplished 2 things: 1) you jump in voluntarily and 2) you associate the back of the car with very positive things (*your meals) - and if you repeat this a lot, it will change your thinking and become a new habit.

Your humans can say a command as you're jumping in and then of course, lots of praise & give your your dinner as a reward when you are in the car. Then when you're jumping in happily for your food bowl, they can try getting you to jump in for treats only and see if you'll do it. I think once you start doing it a few times an dget used to it, it won't be such a big deal anymore. But it's helpful to have some big motivator to get you to do it the first couple of times and using the food bowl is often very effective!

Honey the Great Dane

Pipa disse...

Honey and Hsin-Yi,

I'm going to try that.
She's really resisting, I've tried all kinds of food. But then I would give Pipa something to eat as soon as she got home, so... I guess you are right.

You're the best.